Fine Custom Shirting

Our shirts will spoil you. No other shirt will ever feel "right"

It only takes one shirt. Once you are measured and fitted in a custom shirt we’ve made expressly for you, you’ll never want to go back to a department store’s ready-made shirt again. To begin with, we offer you the luxury of selecting from hundreds of quality cotton shirting cloths in a myriad of colors and patterns. You design your shirt by selecting your favorite collar and cuff styles. The real indulgence is the way our shirt looks and feels and how it makes you look and feel. 

What could be more indulgent than having your shirt made to fit twenty or more of your individual measurements? This includes your posture, your shoulder slope and your wrist circumference. Collars lie properly and the chest is neither too tight or too baggy. It's no wonder people can spot a custom shirt from across the room, especially if it came from Your Personal Tailor.



Front Styles

Back Styles



Short Sleeves